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A juicy tidbit has surfaced confirming something we suspected already: lascivious gay Bruce Weber likes to have sex with beefy Midwesterners. This could explain the perplexed expressions of all the Abercrombie & Fitch models:
Bruce Weber, the iconic photo man, used (possibly still does) ‘interview’ any new models that used to be scouted by the New Yoik agencies over dinner.
On one occasion, a mole was sharing an apartment with one such muscle bound chap, from Corn Cob Arkansas, when he was called to a meeting with Bruce at 9pm. (His agent called up all flustered and said Bruce wants to see you RIGHT NOW!)
Said fella promptly went for a shit, shower and shave. Whilst he was getting ready the rest of the guys proceeded to tell him just what would be expected of this casting:
1) Take kneepads
2) And lube
The poor boy walked out of the room, smelling of roses and quivering like a leaf.
He returned at about 3am, walking funny (Mole had stayed up to watch his return) and very, very shy…
He said that Bruce had hired and cleared an entire top floor restaurant exclusively for the meeting, created a candle lit scene.
A limo picked him up the next morning at 8am for his newly booked versace shoot.
(from The Holy Moly Mailout #104)

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