!! Moving to India for love !!

is drastic and romantic, and on this occasion is the result of New Year’s magic. My friend is leaving for what seems like forever this Friday, leaving behind the city that treated her so unfairly, perhaps never to return for any extended period of time. Last night we recorded songs on her computer (which is so rad, btw… a 12 inch Apple IBook with a built in microphone!), cooked Indian food, talked about smoking pot and then didn’t, and shared the excitement of our most recent weekend. Her excitement is taking her across an ocean and a lot of land to have an adventure. I guess temping didn’t stimulate her as much as this myserious man with the self-corrected vision and flexible limbs. She was waiting to jump into something crazy and comforting and it fell into her lap (so to speak).
She said deciding to go to India was so much easier than deciding to go to work. In a way this is logical, but I think it’s a small epiphany as well. I mean, who wants to go puke their guts out for a week while they adjust to the new bacterial makeup and then not even be able to watch The Simple Life (of which there is a new episode tonight at 8:30pm on Fox)? Sure, her family lives there and she might eventually have some really nice sex like only two yoga instructors can have, but is New York really that awful? Isn’t there something cosmic at work? They were both planning to go to India around the same time, there are weird spiritual connections that I can’t remember the details of, they both like psychology (which is a blessing, because if one of them didn’t, conversation might get hard), and she doesn’t even care that he’s 34. Plus she’s in love with him, and she’s sure of it. I hope she remembers to e-mail me sometimes and to call for her absentee ballot before the Democratic primary.

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