13 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Model and Insta-thotty Jeff Thomas"

  1. He doesn’t have a penis.

  2. Nice @ss, but what else is worth mentioning? Sure he’ good -lookin’ w. nice bod, but he’ very typical & generic! Zzzz… – Grey

  3. Gorgeous butt. Proud to be a top

  4. He is so basic is nauseating

  5. I keep hearing “The boy is a bottom” playing in my head. Spectacular rear view!

  6. Gosh. What a screaming bottom.

  7. Where is the cock? All models do nude not showing anything?

  8. He can get it

  9. attractive but nothing special at all. just seems typical. zzzzz
    the one pic where he’s leaning over hold his cell…don’t see A THING. LOL

    • I guess in your haste to bitch and moan about a mainstream/IG model NOT doing a Playgirl style photo shoot you obviously missed the two pics where you actually CAN see his cock. And where’s the link to your pics showing everybody in the world your complete & total full frontal nudes?!?

      Yeah, that’s what I figured…

  10. That ass!

  11. Sweet God almighty!! What an amazing ass…. It looks like it was chiseled from the finest marble! Some men have all the luck. His body is gorgeous.

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