!! Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night !!

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shall stay these shoppers from 5th Ave on a Sunday. This man came all the way from New England with his cross-country skis just so he could finally get those beautiful Asprey cufflinks he had been wanting. Too bad Asprey was closed along with other shops on Feb. 12, the day of the big blizzard in New York. The man really was lucky to have skied out alive considering the commonly-known fact that New York drivers tend to ignore all traffic rules and signals in the face of inclimate weather. “Who can think about stopping at a red light?? It’s SNOWING for Christ’s sake!”
We tried to do a little shopping that day as well, but our destination was closed as well. The staff at Takashimaya, the Japanese store with all the beautiful plants in their front window, probably didn’t feel like laying down cardboard for all the wet feet. Fortunately for us, they were open the next day.

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