!! New American ambassador to China !!

chinakfc (51k image)
Taking the lead on what he deemed to be sluggish efforts by American businesses to establish new American commerce in the most densely populated chicken-eating country in the world, Colonel Sanders has continued his aggressive effort to bring his delicious secret recipe of chicken (which contains 11 different herbs and spices!) to every Chinese province except for Tibet.
Chinese KFC has special seasonal side dishes that rotate from bamboo shoots in the spring to lotus roots in the summer, but the rest is just the same. I wonder if Chinese consumers have yet encountered a Cluck.
And, in bad news: CBS’s new show The Will has been unceremoniously cancelled after only one episode after received the lowest ratings for any show ever in history, or something like that. I blame it on the Saturday night timeslot. At least we won’t have to watch that bitch Penny talk about how she is going to “make everyone’s life a living hell” for not voting in her alliance. My life could never be as bad as her boob job, or her face for that matter.

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