!! New York, New York, Adieu, Adieu !!

torontoladies (41k image)
Photos by Maxcat
“O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.”
The tall ladies above must be the subjects of this line from the Canadian national anthem. Never before have I been greeted by such a larger-than-life welcome committee than when I arrived in Toronto on Friday evening.
It is with sadness that I bid goodbye to all my friends in New York and to Beard Papa’s creampuffs, and with indifference that I leave the city itself. It’s just too expensive and you have to wait in line to do everything. I will move back some day, but only when I can afford to buy an entire brownstone in the West Village (see you guys real soon!).
If you are a regular reader, then you know that I have threatened in the past to move to Canada for various reasons. Now I’ve done it, but for one very good reason only: Love. I look forward to blogging from across the border and describing myself with the romantic label of “expatriate.” Feel free to use it when you’re talking about !! omg blog !! to your friends.

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2 Comments on "New York, New York, Adieu, Adieu"

  1. Welcome to land of beer and maple syrup!…my fellow torontonians welcome you!

  2. Frank, NYC misses you so much that the transit workers are refusing to work until you return!

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