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We all felt so bad for Joyce when she had her beautiful braids cut off as part of the Fast Forward on The Amazing Race, but were her tears for real? As you can see from the photo at left, Joyce is accustomed to wearing wigs as well as the uniform of the Starship Enterprise, on which she served under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. She didn’t speak a whole lot, but she once did tai chi with Lt. Worf and some other time she said a line or something. The bottom line: Joyce was an actress prior to her appearance on TAR and hid that little tidbit from the producers. It makes you reconsider everything she ever said, doesn’t it? Maybe not, but if you want to see her in action, she will be appearing with Uchenna (is he really her husband?) on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light on June 15. Set your TiVo and await her new hair.
Another past winner of TAR has been riding his dubious reality-star fame as far as it will take him. After appearing on a shamefully boring episode of “Celebrity” Fear Factor, Reichen Lehmkuhl will be featured in “2006 Sexiest Men of Reality TV” calendar. Combining forces with the likes of (very) former Real World cast member Eric (what was his last name… he was the one who did The Grind aerobics video [purchase link]) is sure to make the 2006 calendar every bit as successful as the one last year, which featured the exact same people. Has there been no one sexy in this past year? What about Brady from Survivor: Vanuatu? Also, did you know Reichen had his own calendar [purchase link] last year? What vanity.

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  1. There was no one there watching??!! She had a freakin’ camera focused on her! That is when actresses act.

  2. While I agree that Joyce is an actress, I don’t think that helped her win the Amazing Race in any way, shape or form. None of the other players saw her when she agonized over having her hair cut off. There didn’t seem to be a need for her to act then, there was no one watching and even if they were, how would that help her in the race? People aren’t voted off on this show.

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