!! Nightvision cannot !!

disguise the drugged-out, overly made up visage of Paris Hilton in her most recently released work on film, which is perhaps less likely to be a TV hit than her The Simple Life, but definitely more revealing. Yes, a sex tape has surfaced, starring Paris and her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon, who also happens to be Shannen Doherty’s ex-husband.

After hearing about it from a friend, I searched Kazaa and found lots of fakes, the highlights of which were a series of erotic videos starring Diamond, the “black-t-girl” (the “t” stands for “trannie”) walking around in a white negligee and ejaculating on herself, and scores of other videos starring girls that look uncannily similar to Paris herself, except they obviously had powder on their butts and professional shavejobs. Eventually I found the “real” one (hint: it’s the green, crappy-looking one) and the girl definitely could be Paris Hilton, but I think only her friends know for sure.

Despite the bad video quality, everyone is saying the video is real, even such veritable sources as fleshbot.com, the new porno blog-for-profit, but why should you take their word for it? Just find it on Kazaa and you can watch it yourself. Look for either one of these files:
Original Paris Hilton Sex Tape.mpg
BONUS! If you want to watch Diamond do her thing, look for these files:
paris_hilton_sex_tape_part1.avi (part2, part3, etc.)
UPDATE: The sex tape is now available on the web. Get it here.

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