!! No different, except for the pus. !!

I feel like I’ve been posting a lot of rants lately, but I need to throw this one on the pile. Agribusiness giant Monsanto is suing a small, Maine dairy farm for labelling its milk as free of artificial growth hormones. Monsanto says the labelling implies that the milk is better than milk that comes from hormone-fed cows. The owner of the farm argues that he has a right to inform consumers about what they are drinking. Studies have shown that artificial growth hormones lead to 25% more pus (somatic cells) in the milk as a result of increased udder infections. That’s gross and I want to be able to choose not to drink cow pus. If you agree, write to Monsanto and tell them to drop their lawsuit against Oakhurst Dairy.

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  1. lactose tolerant | September 16, 2003 at 4:48 pm | Reply

    this whole milk issue is very important because of the babies. i love babies until they turn 13.
    wait, i didn’t mean to make that whole milk pun.

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