!! No thanks to John Kerry, !!

the Supreme Court of Massachusetts paved the way yesterday for the first legal gay marriages in the US. This is a big deal. Next week, on February 11, the Massachusetts state legislature is going to come together for a constitutional convention where an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage will be considered. If you live in Massachusetts, it is so important that you contact your legislators before the 11th and tell them you support gay marriage and that you oppose a constitutional amendment defining marriage as something between a man and a woman.
The good news is that people can start getting married on May 16, and any amendment to the Massacusetts constitution would not take effect until 2006, when there would be a whole lot of angry gay married people to overturn it. Still, the decision next week will set the tone for the national debate, which will surely be heating up in the coming weeks as John Kerry (who, by the way, repeatedly voices his opposition to gay marriage. boohiss), Senator of the now most controversial state in the country, and Howard Dean (who also repeatedly voices his opposition to gay marriage. shame on him), who got the ball rolling three years ago with the Vermont civil union law, continue to campaign for the Presidency. There is going to be some ugly mudslinging going on: $130 million (GW’s current campaign coffer) worth of mudslinging to be exact, and to be honest, I’ll be lucky to make it to November without setting something on fire or moving to Canada, or both.
On an outrageous note, Al Sharpton has been exposed as a tool of the Republican National Committee. Read all about it in this new investigative story by the Village Voice. I know “credibility” has never really been a word that’s come to mind when I think of Reverend Al, but this is unbelievable.

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