!! Not standing in the rain !!

is usually the best option, except for today because you would be missing Bill Clinton’s three books signings for his new memoir, My Life. There are signings at Barnes and Noble at Rockefeller Ctr., Borders on Wall St., and one at the Hue-Man Bookstore on 125th St. and 8th Ave. If you’re just finding out about them right now, sorry I didn’t post earlier, but you still have a chance to get to the Hue-Man Bookstore if you hurry and maybe beg someone for a ticket.
You won’t have to worry about missing any good television while you wait, considering that there really isn’t anything on TV lately except Six Feet Under and The Simple Life 2. Prospects for the future are grim as well, with Queer Eye for the Straight Girl and Gifted (aka American Christian Idol) in next year’s lineup (taken from realityblurred.com). Pray with me that next season of The OC will save us all from TV Hell.

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2 Comments on "Not standing in the rain"

  1. I would hope that the lezzies would show her proper cunnilingus technique as well so that she can properly indulge in samesex experimentation. This is what America wants.

  2. I want Queer Eye for the Straight Girl to be five radical feminist dykes who swoop down, demonstrate all the ways the patriarchy marginalizes the straight girl’s life, teach her how to wear clothes that are comfortable, how to eat food that’s healthy and not bathroom-scale-obsessed, how to use judo to fight off an attacker, how to get promotions and respect at work because of her work and not her face or her pleasingness, get her registered to vote, and then leave her with boxes full of safer-sex supplies and a copy of "Our Bodies, Ourselves." I’d pay money to see that.

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