!! nude picture request: survivor pearl islands !!

dear friends,
I’m finding that with this crop of survivors, like with roommates, siblings, and boyfriends, it’s the little things that get on my nerves. It’s not what they say, it’s the annoying voice or the lazy eye or the compulsively twitching pectoral that makes me hate them so much. this year’s survivors seem to be more freakish and tic-y then ever before, and osten is the total worst. he speaks in a creepy monotone, his facial expressions are strangely robotic, and no, it’s not sexy when he caresses his own chest for the camera. i hate him.
speaking of sexy and hate, I also hate andrew but if anyone has nude pictures of him, i am offering a large prize in exchange. he might be a predictably odious attorney but i’m sure he is very tolerable naked on all fours.

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