!! Oh for a shout of sacred joy !!

franksinging01 (58k image)
These photos are captured from a longer video that was made last Saturday as I sang hymns of triumph to the Lord at Historic Richmond Town on lovely Staten Island, NY. We were sitting around a table in the “Methodist House,” dressed in the clothing of the day (the 17th century), and trying to be authentic (which in my specific case, means not faggoty) for the people coming into the house on their Candlelight Tour.
People were impressed by the sheer volume that seven people could achieve, if not by our tuning. The most important rule of Sacred Harp singing: when in doubt, sing louder.
franksinging01 (58k image)

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7 Comments on "Oh for a shout of sacred joy"

  1. wait. …I’m reading more on the site…maybe richmond town was on staten island in the olden days. …? I had no idea. that would make more sense than recreating a virginia town on staten island… but I’m getting tired looking at the site. I’ll just believe both possibilities.

  2. did you really do this? I didn’t even know about the virginia town on staten island!! maybe you want to visit me on long island and I’ll take you to old bethpage restoration village!?!! I’ll dress up like laura ingalls and you dress up like that! man, michael has the best friends.

  3. Michael’s message is too much of a burden for me to accommodate. How is the benefits package with voyeurism, Michael?

  4. Well tell me the time period and I’ll do my best…

  5. Oh how I love re-enactment!

  6. Professor, do you have a thing for boys in period dress?

  7. I wanted to merely just list not-so-cryptic lyrics such as "I saw him standing there, I saw him standing there," or "you feel the fire but don’t get be burned by the flame, you’ll find the answer, any day, with every beat of my heart, I keep getting closer to you." But these photos and these activities you have posted are a bit too much cuteness to endure. Their cuteness is too much of a burden for me to accomodate.

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