!! OMG, he’s naked: Argentinian Rugby Player Mariano Viano !!

We’ve never been anyone to be too interested in sports, but suddenly – RUGBY has our full attention! Check out Argentinian rugby player Mariano Viano after the NSFW jump!


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25 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Argentinian Rugby Player Mariano Viano"

  1. Macho gostoso da porra. Pica linda.

  2. From just that first bathing trunks pic you knew there was something big coming…

    Lucky guy.

  3. everything about him is nice

  4. That is a perfect penis. I’m salivating. Gimme some meat!

  5. he’s definitely UNcircumcised…the glans can be seen if you roll back the skin. there are all kinds of uncut cocks! some with more foreskin than others…

  6. Ooh I’d let him bust a nut in my mouth

  7. Meat on them thar bones AND a bonus boner to boot! Yeah, team!

  8. @Doug105 … It’s pretty easy to match the final (faceless) photo with the others. Check out the facial hair on the chin as well as the chest hair and happy trail. That’s not to say that the photo is “real” (not photoshopped) only that it there are sufficient matching points to identify they are the same person.

  9. and looks like he is cut. 10 bonus points !

  10. My Christmas Present

  11. There’s nothing conclusive to link that last photo with the other two.

  12. I’m definitely digging that chest of his. Very nice.

  13. The one time you don’t have to enlarge the photo!

  14. Damn thats a whopper. Would love that in my mouth for christmas!

  15. my jaw is on the floor. perfection.

  16. That’ll do.

  17. And just like that we have discovered the perfect man. Goddamn!

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