!! OMG, introducing Taco truck Tammy! The latest white woman to threaten to call ICE on regular people abiding by the law !!

If you’re racist human trashbag with a bad haircut you got free with a bowl of soup, and want to strike fear into any person darker than you — then what else do you do but threaten to call ICE!?

It just goes to show that ICE is now being used a threat by white racists toward people of colour. These people above had permits and were allowed to be where they were! Check out the ridiculous and sad video above!

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7 Comments on "OMG, introducing Taco truck Tammy! The latest white woman to threaten to call ICE on regular people abiding by the law"

  1. These ladies can come sell taco’s in front of my house any time. I love a good taco and hate bigots.

  2. What article did you read, exactly?

    I read several, after you suggested it, and they stated the permit was actually expired in March. They also stated that a truck can park on private property, not a residential street (and the truck was apparently parked on the street). Finally, they also said there is a school within 600 feet which is a potential 3rd violation.

    Anyway, again – not a fan of this woman, her words or her delivery. But when someone states “factuals”, I tend to doublecheck rather than just accept a random comment as fact. And in this case, I’m seeing a weird disconnect between your comments about articles and the articles coming up in google news.

    • WHAT EVER! bigot. instead of just calling the police she is going to call ICE? and stand there like a moron and record them……. I guess some people don’t have life or nothing else to do.

      • Robert, it sounds like you may be one of those people. You always seem to be judging or criticizing someone. You’ve been just flat-out rude to me before, with no prior interaction. I’m sorry that you are going through whatever you must be going through that makes you feel the need to constantly lash out at everyone.

        Why not try posting a positive comment sometime? It doesn’t hurt. Peace.

        • Hey, if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. I don’t want nor do I need for you to feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for you that you have nothing else to do but troll me with the standard pity response of a troll. I am positive, positive that someones crap deserves a response. BYE.

  3. She seems like an asshole, and it’s super lame that she went racial – but I will admit that I sure as fuck don’t want any food trucks parking on a residential street to sell their meals in front of my home.

    • if you read the article, they had permits and were lawful, if the area is ZONED business that is the law.

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