!! OMG, A Love Connection: The Blind Side !!

I think we found Precious a boyfriend!

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6 Comments on "OMG, A Love Connection: The Blind Side"

  1. agreed/ cosign with comments above- PRECIOUS is a different movie from The Blindside..and joking about the character finding a boyfriend with the male character above IS offensive

  2. I love Sandra Bullock!

  3. Ohh gurl….Precious would run all over this boi.

  4. granted i have not seen Precious nor have i seen The Blind Side, so I am judging entirely based on the previews. from what i understand they are both about two outrageously (almost absurdly) hard-luck cases who are “saved” by well-meaning outsiders. Precious looks kind of good and The Blind Side looks completely terrible, but I think it’s fair to say that there are many parallels at work here beyond the fact that both characters are black. (which i guess is why you find this objectionable?)
    If you would like to get into a discussion about why Hollywood only has a few storylines for black characters, one of which is “outrageous (almost absurdly) hard-luck case is saved by courageous outsider,” I would surely welcome such discourse in the comments of OMG Blog! (I would also be interested in discussing why one of the other storylines is “man dressed as a fat and/or elderly woman” cause it seems really weird to me!)
    But you can still be offended if you’d like.

  5. I think it’s ridiculous that a blog that just posted an entry about racist commercials comes up with bullshit like this only two entries away.
    This post is offensive and should be removed from the site. Now.

  6. Huh? While this seems like a by-the-numbers feel good turn-yor-life-around story, I don’t think I like the implication of linking this with Precious.

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