!! OMG, another porn criminal: Tommy Saxx !!

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many male porn stars have been committing crimes lately, as it is an industry that many turn to out of financial desperation, whether drug-related or not. Tommy Saxx is the latest [link NSFW], and while the victim of his crime was already dead (a police officer who died in the emergency room where Tommy worked as a hospital tech), the fact that Tommy stole his credit card and immediately bought a new flat-screen is pretty offensive.
You may remember Tommy from his first and best-known film, Skateboard Sliders, where he did it with the UPS delivery man.
OMG, he’s a murderer: Marcus Allen [NSFW]
Harlow Cuadra Arrested For Murder [NSFW] and news story

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1 Comment on "OMG, another porn criminal: Tommy Saxx"

  1. Actually, male porn stars commit considerably fewer crimes than male politicians, male big biz executives — not to mention male police officers.
    The difference is that the porn stars get caught and go to jail. The others’ misdeeds are hush-hushed and/or they get pardoned.
    The real — and really dangerous — whores aren’t having sex for money. They’re sitting in presidential palaces, multinational offices, and, more often than one would like to believe, patrol cars.

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