!! OMG gossip: Amy Winehouse gets big and luscious !!

OMG new fake lips: Amy Winehouse [dlisted]
Adam Lambert already has a new boyfriend [l.a. rag mag]
Katy Perry writes her boyfriend Russell Brand‘s name on her butt and then shows it to the world [popeater]
OMG Joy Behar‘s gayest episode yet! [towleroad]
First Britney Spears, now Gossip Girl is jumping on the threesome bandwagon. Yawn. [amy grindhouse]
Disgraced Miss California Carrie Prejean had a sex tape! And I thought she was a virgin… [betty]
OMG no gay hugging in New York taxis! [kenneth]
Pamela Anderson has distilled her essence into a new perfume [popbytes]
Coco dressed as a trannie mermaid for Halloween [yeeeah, borderline NSFW]
OMG trannie phone sex catfight on Jerry Springer! [tabloid prodigy]
Newsflash! Women want men to dress as the Village People [oh la la]
Justin Timberlake is finally realizing his potential as a bear cub [socialite life]
OMG banned magazine ads! [uncoached]

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1 Comment on "OMG gossip: Amy Winehouse gets big and luscious"

  1. Forget about Amy’s lips! What the heck is up with her nose???

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