!! OMG, did he kill someone? Marcus Allen !!

When porn stars go bad: Timothy Boham (porn name Marcus Allen) was apprehended yesterday morning trying to cross the Mexican border after allegedly killing a wealthy Colorado businessman earlier in the week.
Boham has appeared in Playgirl and several gay porn flics including Falcon’s popular title Through the Woods starring Pierre Fitch.
Apparently Boham is actually straight, collects guns, hates gays, and has two kids. A complicated story to be sure, but with assets like his, I do feel a small pang of regret that we won’t be seeing any more of him. If you find accused murderers sexy, make sure to check out a couple NSFW promotional photos after the jump. (via Gay Porn Blog, link NSFW)

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15 Comments on "OMG, did he kill someone? Marcus Allen"

  1. Marc,
    He was found GUILTY of murder. Next time you’re jerking off watching this guy, remember that. He was found guilty by the court.
    He killed someone, and looky loo — his friend and roommate Luka Magnotta whom commented earlier also killed someone in 2012.

  2. We only know what the prosecution says and want us to know … and that may not be the reason behind the alleged murder. Unfortunately, the prosecution freely spreads as much malicious gossip or factually, incorrect information as television and the medial in general is able to broadcast or print without the defence being heard. It is a sole voice … that of the prosecution!
    With an uneven and unfair playing field, and although murder is always an heinous crime, we only know what has been circulated and rumoured rather than the real “facts” of this case that has been dragged up and spread regardless of whether it is true or not. I do hope Marcus (Timothy) does received parole, as life behind bars serves no useful purpose in the real world unless a psychopath of danger to the community, and therefore, he is able to establish a reason why he should not be incarcerated for life.
    I am not wishing to be judgemental or critical about Marcus’ private life, as I never, regrettably, had that opportunity. However, as a gay porn actor and fan of Marcus, he was very stimulating on film and demonstrated his talent well with other co-stars of the industry … and for this I shall always remember him … and not for the crime he is alleged to have committed!

  3. god he is so hot…

  4. i hope his innocent of this.. dont judge a peson for only what you’ve read about him.. this is a true story of a man having lot of struggles in life..

  5. Austen - The FIERCE one | October 26, 2008 at 3:20 am | Reply

    what a waste!
    he is soooooooooo freaking hot!!
    and his body is like PERFECT!!!
    damn him!!
    i could have had himm…
    well, no, but still!!!
    p.s. his penis is like the shiznizzle.

  6. any chance you and me can chat Luka?

  7. u is a sexy muck-fucker. can me and u fuck

  8. Number one, I am a male porn star too. I would expect (like everyone else) if I were on trial to have a FAIR trial. The MEDIA is making him out to look like a bad guy.
    He NEVER beat up anyone, ….once he was harassed repeatidly by a man and Tim had no choice but to DEFEND himself outside of a comedy club.
    A PSYCHO stalker chick who lived in the same house as him and wanted him (but couldnt have him) is telling the media all sorts of crazy lies to get attention and to get back at him.
    He did NOT hate gay people. He was actually friends with alot of gay people and enjoyed being around them.
    DONT just judge him on his looks and past and assume he is a certin way cause the media says so. They enjoy sensationalizing everything at the cost of others and dont care who they hurt, as long as the story is a good read. I went through a similar experiance and its NOT fun.
    He seems to me like he should be found NOT guilty due to emotional and mental issues. Since im in the same industry I know how hard it is. This industry sucks you in and spits you out just as fast.
    Noone knows what a monster JP was.
    Luka Magnotta

  9. Commit a homophobe crime and get thrown in jail to be aquinted with gay sex. that’s comeuppence.

  10. slap the cuffs on him & bring him to my cell. i will show him what happens to boys who brake the law. they are punished in a way that they never thought was possible. once i have finished with him he will be on his best behaviour. i will leave him the corner sobbing for mercy.

  11. They’re gonna LOOOOOVE him in the prison shower!!! He better not drop the soap!! Everybody will have their turn with that hot homophobe. For his sake, he better get gay friendly REAL QUICK!!! ‘Cause they’re sure gonna get FRIENDLY with him!!!

  12. Man, I hope he gets put in my cell!!

  13. This guy is so screwed….literally! If he’s guilty, he’s got it coming!

  14. Wow, is he hot!

  15. Well, now he’ll make some guy in prison a nice Bitch!

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