!! OMG, he’s governor: Charlie Crist !!

Since Jeb Bush could not run for a third term as Florida governor due to term limits, it was anybody’s race yesterday, and openly not-gay Republican Charlie Crist came out on top, which is where he prefers to be, thank you very much, specifically on top of a sexy female woman.
Governor Crist was so pleased about his new elected office that he had to make this gesture:
It’s a good thing for Florida that someone as unfaggy and firmly heterosexual as Charlie Crist is running the state government, so he can prevent Rosie O’Donnell from adopting any more babies.

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  1. It seems bad on the surface…but there are way too many queer seniors in Fla to allow him to do much damage. Besides…about the time a Drag Queen kisses him at a gala function, he’ll probably have a heart attack!

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