!! OMG, he’s naked: Jason Preston !!

Who the hell is Jason Preston? He’s the former escort and alleged bareback porn star (watch the film in question here) that is currently dating Marc Jacobs and even went so far as to tattoo Marc’s label on his arm. Something you may not have known about Jason: He has a huge thing, and there is a photo of it after the jump from his Manhunt profile [NSFW].

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17 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Jason Preston"

  1. I HEARD he FUCKED Jesse Jordan ALL the tim Jesse ALWAYS claims to be a strict TOP but was LIVING for Jason’s HUGE cock in him bareback…

  2. Not sure about the boys who said he couldn’t get it up, he got it up hard and strong for me each time. We had great chemistry, tricked around several times. He’s more of a top guy, but I fucked him a few times as well. Either way, he’s a great fuck and that cock is magic and felt GOOD.
    As for him saying he’s into white guys in his profile—I’m latin and we had a thing going for awhile, so he’s open ethnically to the best of my knowledge. Depends more so on the guy vs the race.

  3. does anyone else want to remark that he only likes white guys? i love how he says “very open sexually” but doesn’t do anyone ethnic, not to mention “fats” or “fems.” sounds pretty narrow to me: white, young, muscular. original. typical chelsea gay.

  4. met him here in savannah ga with marc… hes cute but looks like he paty hards looking old

  5. InternallyYours | October 11, 2008 at 10:29 pm | Reply

    To Vito:
    “Money may buy you his company for an hour or two, but definitely wont buy u his erection”

  6. i had him in Feb 2005 and although that cock is gorgeous (so is his face), he couldnt get it up for shit…coke dick.

  7. Nice Penis

  8. I had him in summer 2006.
    He is hung like a horse and was damm good in bed….I’d let him [email protected]#$k me again anytime! 😉

  9. This guys cock is sooo HOT! Does anyone know where I can find some free downloads/clips of him??
    It would be very much appreciated!

  10. Mr.HungAndElite has since deleted all his pictures and erased the majority of his profile. which is silly because all of his pictures were public pictures (as opposed to locked ones) and he’s been in porn. we’ve all already seen it! 😉

  11. good lord! that thing is ginormous!!!

  12. holy fucking shit!

  13. best crackhead I ever done meet! along with LL and Nicole…

  14. OMG! Jason Preston is soooo outta this world hot. I would Blog him anyday 😉 and then some. Keep up the great work!

  15. “OMG”

  16. Holy Hell!

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