!! OMG, he’s naked: Marc Jacobs’ Husband Lorenzo Martone !!

Marc Jacobs is my thinspiration! Before his recent chub-to-Chelsea metamorphosis, the celebrated designer was a sad and dumpy (albeit rich and famous) single sitting in his apartment and crying into his individual pizza every night. Since becoming a skinny and overgroomed monster, however, Mr. Jacobs has managed to catapult himself into the land of the laid, first getting down with notoriously big-penised cutie/hooker Jason Preston (link NSFW!), and now married (or maybe just engaged; it’s hard to tell!) to hot-to-trot Brazilian bombshell and founder of boutique bike brand Martone Cycling Lorenzo Martone.

The moral of the story here is that if you hit the gym and pluck your eyebrows to the point of absurdity, your life will turn out perfect!
Although Jacobs’ new beau isn’t quite as much of an exhibitionist as the former future Mr. Jacobs, Martone does show his lovely butt off in this month’s edition of the appropriately named Butt Magazine. See it after the jump. (NSFW, via The Daily Musto)

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3 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Marc Jacobs’ Husband Lorenzo Martone"

  1. He is beautiful

  2. AAAAARGH! Sorry, about that – I always get freaked out by gay couples that look alike. It’s so creepy.

  3. Oh man, the link is broken, I totally wanted to see the “notoriously big-penised cutie/hooker Jason Preston.” 😛

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