!! OMG, his butt (and maybe soon his peen): Austin Armacost !!

The now-infamous ass of A-List cast member Austin Armacost might soon make its magazine debut — along with his less-famous dick. Michael Musto of the Village Voice reports that one of the A-List‘s hunks sent photos of his junk to Playgirl and that the mag took the bait, provided he works out “with a trainer for a few weeks before the actual photo shoot.” If that wasn’t Austin’s storyline all season, I don’t know what was.
After the jump, check out NSFW shots of Austin. Consider it a preview of things to come.

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17 Comments on "OMG, his butt (and maybe soon his peen): Austin Armacost"

  1. Maybe it’s unfortunate camera angles, but looks like typical white-fish pancake ass white boy

  2. These guys are a horrible representation of the gay community. We don’t all sit around and drink and bitch at each other all the time.
    These guys are pathetic.
    The Black Woman is a bitchy trouble maker.

  3. I prefer him huskier, he looks sexy with some meat on his bones

  4. He DOES have a very nice round ass!
    True, he’s a total slut, a lush, and shady to the 8th Power!—But I would DICK HIM DOWN, then put him out the next morning after a light breakfast. (-:

  5. Amen to that Will and Jayson! I like his body the way it is. He is not fat at all, you people are so high standard, even a tad bit of the love handle makes them to fat for you. Well I need something to grip on to, twinks just don’t do it for me. Grabbing on to skin and bone is not attractive. Stay the way you are Austin, I’d so do you!

  6. The first butt pic was done professionally and i think it looks great, and the third pic shows his tones stomach and cute round butt that bottoms would want to top, the second pic he knows how to pose his body and show off his ASSets just right. I cant wait to see his pics and i hope he shows peen.

  7. this dude is an anal wart to the gay community.

  8. Please, do not give this guy any more press time. He will never get back into the shape he would need to be in to be a professional model again. He admitted on “The A List” that he loves to eat.

  9. How did he end up sitting next to Skeletor in that last pic???

  10. i don’t think he needs a trainer, that ass and body are beautiful enough

  11. Um.. wow… What is going on in that second picture. I feel so awkward haha

  12. Euuugh!
    I’d forgotten about the horrors of that ass.
    Oh, and his rear end too.

  13. I have to agree with you on that point. A natural looking body with some beef is always a good thing.

  14. The face and body are average at best. His body is very soft and fat in certain places to meet beefcake standards…so he better work out hard for that shoot. And no wonder Playgirl is going out of business if this cheap rent-boy trash and Levy Johnston is the best they can feature these days.

  15. I second that, Jayson. Gay men have become worse than anorexic 15 year old girls. Sad.

  16. Shit. He’s hot just the way he is! I like what I see… can’t wait to see more!

  17. A trainer for what? His body looks fine to me. This body obessive society is getting out-of-control.

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