!! OMG, his peen: Ulysse Grosjean !!

God love the French for their uncomplicated relationship with nudity, where a peen is just as worthy of cinematic attention as boobs are gratuitous in Michael Bay films. Check out the NSFW stills of French actor Ulysse Grosjean showering for a scene in 2011’s “Après le Sud” after the jump.

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8 Comments on "OMG, his peen: Ulysse Grosjean"

  1. Ulysse is a hot french guy. Decent penis size. This video clip is available on http://gay.ipbsf.com/ Enjoy!

  2. Dear OMGBlog readers,
    Please shut the fuck up about circumcision in the comments section. Some guys are better off cut. Some guys are better off uncut. You do you, I do me. There are ugly and attractive penises on either side of the fence. Let’s stop pretending you’re arguing about the most pressing issue in our society and recognize that it just makes you feel better about yourself to put down penises unlike yours. I’m all about diversity.

  3. @aldo: really? you reject over half of the world’s cock because it’s intact??

  4. You cut guys need to get over it already. Most of the world is uncut and it is getting less and less popular in the USA. It is genital mutilation and child abuse and it all needs to be stopped!

  5. @aldo: too bad for you that you don’t like uncut. works for me!

  6. I like him. too bad he’s uncut : (

  7. That’s a lovely penis.

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