!! OMG, How Christ-Like: Christian Anti-Porn Firefox Add-on !!

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Hey, I just found the best new Firefox add-on. Every time you try to visit a porn site, it will remind you that proceeding to such sites will cause you to “crucify Jesus Christ all over again.” Then you get to look at a nice picture of Jesus on the cross before going about your business. Just a nice way to add a little more God to your daily routine!
Get it here!

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3 Comments on "OMG, How Christ-Like: Christian Anti-Porn Firefox Add-on"

  1. Is it just me or is Jesus hot in this photo?

  2. Exactly what I need when browsing for porn! I’ve been feeling a distinct lack of guilt these past few weeks. Not good! Thanks new Firefox add-on!

  3. Classical Protestantism says that Jesus died ONCE and for all, not over and over again. Martin Luther wouldn’t break the bread at communion, looked too much like a new sacrifice, etc. Stupid, ignorant people, don’t even give a shit about their legacy and history.

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