!! OMG, how deluded: Primetime news anchors !!

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has started a few fires with his forthcoming memoir that is highly critical of President Bush, the war in Iraq, and the mainstream media. Whether or not it’s too little, too late, the book did provoke this interesting segment of video.
On the Today show to promote a new cancer initiative, the primetime anchors of all three network news stations made a rare appearance together, and they responded to McClellan’s allegations that they went too easy on the Bush administration in the days leading up to the war in Iraq.
Of course Katie Couric, with her CBS news show in ratings hell and probably on her way out the door, was the only one with balls enough to say that yes, the administration was intimidating the news outlets, that they threatened to cut off news access to the war if the “tone” of the questions was not to the liking of the administration, and that as a whole, mainstream media did drop the ball.
It’s an unusually candid moment, but like McClellan’s book, it’s most definitely too little, too late, especially with establishment drones Brian Williams and Charlie Gibson drowning her out from either side. (via Glenn Greenwald)

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4 Comments on "OMG, how deluded: Primetime news anchors"

  1. Of course the guys lied; their credibility and jobs essentially depend on it. Most people who weren’t entirely self-serving either left such posts or were forced out years ago. Katie, on the other hand, was on Today rather than nightly news until 2006, and so didn’t have the kind of record on pre-war reporting to ‘cover her ass’ over as the others.

  2. Is it wrong of me, that despite their douche-y-ness, I still want to be the meat sandwiched between Matt Lauer and Brian Williams?
    And Charlie Gibson — yikes, awful plastic surgery dot com!

  3. HMM..they said she couldn’t be an news anchor cause she is an women and didn’t have the balls to do the job.. but here she is telling the truth and the two men were trying to weazel out of the truth.

  4. how can Charlie Gibson sit there and spout that utter garbage? I remember the buildup to the war, and I remember well the propaganda and the fascist tone that permeated the nightly news. And he still sits there claiming everything was just fine. Amazing.

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