!! OMG, how psychedelic: Porno !!

I was doing some research *cough* online last night and happened upon this clip from the gay porn movie “Falconhead”. From the online description:

Falcon head in one of a handful of films that seriously and artistically attempts to bring grandeur, beauty and complexity to the blue movie. Using a mirror as primary inspiration director Michael Zen draws from a deep well of symbol and myth to bring back an electrifying erotic experience. Falconhead feature a fearsome bird-headed man with magical powers a possibly nefarious shaman landlord, stunningly photographed solo sequences, deliciously ambiguous sexual violence and lots of cum eating. A film like this is rare treat and every lover of erotica should see it at least once.

Oo-la-la! It looks fun to watch, like Showgirls was fun to watch, but I don’t know if I could get off to it. That dude with the mascara would probably pop up any time I was close and ruin it.
See the NSFW preview after the jump.

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10 Comments on "OMG, how psychedelic: Porno"

  1. why must people make eroticism so complicated?

  2. must be where chi chi larue gets all her inspiration from.
    well that and john waters

  3. Ahhhh..I remember watching this at the cinema..Am I telling my age??

  4. Well, um…it gets points for originality.

  5. Weird! Best “artsy” porn movie is “Cafe Flesh”…not really my kind of skin-flick, but great sex scenes.

  6. “He gazed into the mirror and it consumed him.”
    Then his friend creamed the mirror, while “he” was still in it.

  7. uhmmm the 70’s just always scare me. I dont think that could be arousing I think I would cry if I had to watch it.

  8. Very weird! The best artsy-porn is still “Cafe Flesh”…it’s a must-see for those who are into that genre of skin flicks.

  9. Umm… a little too weird for me.

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