!! OMG, how rehearsed: Lady Gaga !!

Lady Gaga is the latest pre-fab teenage pop act to ooze out of New York City onto the Internet. Like many, she has received so much media training that she can only speak in cliches, but what sets her apart is that it seems her entire life is one:

“The concept for my new album really started with New York … I became really obsessed with hanging out downtown, living in a scene, using fashion and lifestyle or even body language on the street as a way to self-proclaim my own fame.”

And what she wants from you?

“I want people who listen to my music to go, ‘I don’t know what party she went to, but I want to go there. I want to hang out with her.'”

This rarely happens to me, but I am offended by the stupidity. (Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip!)

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9 Comments on "OMG, how rehearsed: Lady Gaga"

  1. Hi Grande, over the years !! omg blog !! has had different editors who each have their own opinions about a variety of issues including Lady Gaga. I still stand by this post. xo Frank

  2. I am noticing some big inconsistencies…. Didn’t you later say she was the coolest thing?

  3. Thanks Spiffy, I updated the post. xo Frank

  4. The original embedded video for this post is no longer available — luckily there’s a copy on Youtube so people can still see what a douche she was.

  5. She almost got it right. I heard the song and I thought. I dont know what party she went to But, I want to avoid it like the plague. I want to be far away from her.

  6. So the porn star look is the in thing for “teens” in NYC?

  7. OMG how embarrassing, it’s like she watched MAD TV and thought it was real! Only trouble is, how do you parody a parody?

  8. I really hate it when girls try to be drag queens. It never works. Leave it to the boys, honey.

  9. Holy crap– is that Courtney Peldon? I was wondering what had happened to her…

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