!! OMG, panic: The Porn Industry !!

The Advocate has published THIS ARTICLE about the struggles the porn industry is facing. Though normally sex sells whether we’re in a recession or not, porn consumption has changed. Sex-lovers are turning to XTube like music listeners turned to Napster a decade ago.
I’ve never bough porn cause it’s damn expensive, but I’m getting a bit tired of the amateur uggos tugging their stuff and that same old video of the two dudes in the bathroom stall on XTube. I’m considering shelling out a couple bucks for some quality Brazilian Fart Porn soon.

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9 Comments on "OMG, panic: The Porn Industry"

  1. One could say yes, but men have a tendency to watch porn than because they are excited visually, while women react to impulses tactile feel needed.

  2. In the 80’s I used to buy porn because I had to travel out of town to get to it. In the 90’s I rented porn online once that option became available. This decade I’m all about downloading and streaming free porn. But I admit that I did pay for a membership to a popular file hosting site, although I now get access for free because of all of the porn I have uploaded and shared.
    I enjoy porn, and I watch it now more than ever, and I don’t contribute a dime. But my infatuation with webcam porn has led me to pay for one-on-one cam sex on a few occasions when looking for just the right porn fix becomes exhausting. I think this is the next frontier of the porn industry. There is a whole generation that has grown up with cams, and when they realize they can make a buck or two jerking on cam instead of showing off for free, this genre will explode. I’ve noticed a huge influx of young (legal) American teens joining the fray already.
    Stay tuned …….

  3. Xtube is so Old School, and the quality of the site sucks. I like the next generation of site like twinkteenboys 🙂

  4. Wait, fart porn? HAHAHA.

  5. most of the porn i’ve seen is on 10 dollar dvds–good quality–at newsstands in the nyc area

  6. I totally agree with Robert. I’ll take it one step further and say that you’re an idiot if you pay for porn. There is an endless amount of free porn out there, and yes, great hot porn, not just fatties on Xtube.

  7. That’s totally what I was thinking?!! Amateur porn has had it’s run. It’s over, it’s boring. Nothing’s been left to the imagination. Now when I wanna get off on porn, it’s gotta be quality.
    Scouring for Xtube for something worthwhile to rub one out is even more hard work than actually rubbing one out.
    I agree with this post, well, all except the whole Brazilian Fart Porn…but I’ll take regular ol’ Brazilian porn though.

  8. i agree about the xtube comment. it’s either fatties, clips of terrible quality porn, or the same ol’ guys that don’t show their faces! i like facial expressions!

  9. Why pay for porn when you have free sites like Gaytube and theashtoncruzzoo…and yes, Xtube.

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