!! OMG, shut UP: GLAAD !!

Could there possibly be a more useless and embarrassing gay organization than GLAAD? Oh, yes, there’s the Human Rights Campaign. (Just kidding, HRC throws many important fundraisers and dinners. But, hey, that reminds me: where’s my invitation to your dinner on Saturday, HRC?)
If you’re not familiar with the work of GLAAD (which I think stands for Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation; I’m too faggy to look it up!) the stalwart nonprofit has several aims:

  • Monitoring and regulating use of the word fag
  • Falling all over themselves to honor and venerate straight ladies whom they find fabulous
  • Not inviting me to their parties
  • Monitoring activity on the set of Gray’s Anatomy to make sure that everyone is being nice to that fag TR Knight

Joking! Joking! Put your torches and pitchforks down. I would never use that vile, hurtful, always-wrong word. Roman Polanski may have drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl, but at least he didn’t call her a fag. Some things can be forgiven; others will get you chased out of town. And that’s why we have GLAAD.

For instance cartoonist Kenny Be was recently issued a stern citation by the watchdog org for his use of the fag-word in a cartoon:

“The comic depicts a series of camper archetypes, one of which illustrates a type of camper who spends exorbitant amounts of money on camping gear– a person the comic calls a ‘Gear f*g.’… The Westword also featured the comic on its website which prompted online users to attack any reader who expressed concern with the defamatory term. GLAAD urges you to contact The Denver Westword and express your concern over its decision to publish an anti-gay slur and the subsequent defamatory online responses. This kind of language creates a hostile climate for LGBT people and contributes to putting our community in harm’s way.”

Never mind that Mr. Be himself is totes gay himself, and also that who f*cking cares?
Well, GLAAD cares, and Be has responded to their disciplinary action at great, cartoony length. Most saliently, he reminds us of the organization’s annoying (and FAGGY) double standard:

Imagine my (lack of) surprise to find that many winners and nominees have used the word “fag” and yet still have won GLAAD Media Awards of distinction! Comedienne Sarah Silverman used the word in a noun phrase, much like I did, and was still nominated for an award in 2008. Award winners Margaret Cho (GLAAD’s Golden Gate Award 2000) and Kathy Griffin (Vanguard Award 2009) are guilty of using the word as a gay pejorative.

Of course, like any of Kathy’s dutiful gays, I love these lolish ladies with as much sycophantic enthusiasm as the next homo and I really don’t care in what context they use the word FAG or whatever. All I’m saying, on the almost-eve of the National Equality March– which I will be attending– is can GLAAD please shut up?
Read Kenny Be’s whole response here. Via The Awl.

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7 Comments on "OMG, shut UP: GLAAD"

  1. Don’t worry BMad, we like you. My boyfriend and I were just discussing how much we enjoy your writing. Though maybe we’re mean and hateful too? Whatever, we’re enjoying reading OMG a lot more lately than we have in a long time. -X

  2. You’re mean bmad, I like the other blogger better.

  3. Honestly? How pathetic do you have to be to police word usage and find yourself opportunities to be offended? Let people use the word however they bloody well want. “Fag” can mean cigarette in British English (hell, the same word means “subjects” in Danish, “leave” in Irish Gaelic, “beech” in Romanian, and “phage” in multiple other languages), so is it still unacceptable? If not, and you say it is context-dependent, then you have to apply that same reasoning between when it’s being used as a pejorative and as a neutral descriptor, like in “fag hag”.
    In other words: get over it. We have more important things to worry about than word-usage. All it is is a symptom of underlying hatred, so address the cause, not the effect. I’m not sure I’d fault GLAAD, because they do just that, but this is one instance where they get too focused on something trite and miss the big picture.

  4. Thank you. GLAAD drives me insane. They’ve gotten progressively worse over the years, and nowadays they seem to do more harm than good. Remember when they endorsed Chuck & Larry?

  5. Fern LaPlante | October 7, 2009 at 2:23 pm | Reply

    I miss the old OMG-BLOGger, he wasn’t so mean and hateful.

  6. hey Meowzer, I think Bmad’s post is a little more nuanced than stating unequivocal support for the cartoonist. It’s also pointing out a double-standard that GLAAD is holding him to while simultaneously handing out awards to women who use the very same naughty “F” word.

  7. You can’t really be serious? Can you? We need all the gay support groups we can get!! Ok, so maybe in this case it walks the line between support and defamation, but what about all the other instances they stand up for gay right. To chastise them over this makes it all the more difficult to go after others who work against us. Plus, anyone who sees this cartoon, and is looking for a reason to bash us, can say “Well… it’s in this cartoon, so it must be acceptable” No. Bull. It’s never acceptable. We never know what “only 1 acceptable instance” can lead to.
    Sorry. But I have to disagree with your support of this “gay hater” as much as he is one himself. He of anyone should know better!

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