!! OMG, she’s crazy: Britney Spears !!

Add one more outburst to Britney Spears‘s recent weird behavior: She f*cked up ex-hubby Kevin Federline‘s SUV with an umbrella when he wouldn’t let her see the kids, and then went back to rehab for the third time in two weeks.
Watch a video of the whole incident here.
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4 Comments on "OMG, she’s crazy: Britney Spears"

  1. Man, I feel so damn bad for her.
    She is definitely going through some stuff and I just hope someone is there to help her before it’s too late.

  2. that bitch has lost her mind lol!

  3. I feel bad for her now.just a bit.
    They need to keep watch on this girl while she is in rehab again, if they dont… I’m pretty sure we will be having pictures of her grave all over the place, and that’s scary. She is basically one step away from suicide…death.. creepy.
    I know that the publications of her up’s and down’s come with the territory, but at some point it just becomes too much, the paparazzi should just let her get the help she needs and stop hounding her. I know she’s not helping the situation by attacking them, and I hope someone tied her down, threw a bucket of cold water on her and told her that wasn’t the best way to handle it and snap out of it, go to rehab for real because she has those two little kids that should be living in a calm, drug free household. Not some crazy circus, freakshow. I love brit, I do, always have and always will, but girl seriously needs to get it together, become some sort of role model for her kids, survivor story for some other helpless person out there….. She just needs to do a major turn-around, some major soul searching or some crap and show everyone up, and come out on top! for real. Bigger and better than ever. It has to happen, and I think it’s going to happen, and it’s going to be the best comeback ever!
    OH GOODNESS, I needed to get that out. lol.
    ugh. Now I can sleep..

  4. Correction for you:

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