!! OMG, so danceable: Japanese Gay Porn Baby Remixes !!

I’m so into this new trend of remixing gay porn videos with crazy Japanese music and putting baby faces over anything that might be offensive. It’s still a bit NSFW so watch them with care after the jump, and watch quick cause YouTube will pull this no doubt!
Thanks to Jeremy for the tippy!

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11 Comments on "OMG, so danceable: Japanese Gay Porn Baby Remixes"

  1. “Love is not a thing to understand.
    Love is not a thing to feel.
    Love is not a thing to give and receive.
    Love is a thing only to become
    And eternally be. .”———-《love》

  2. “This is anti-gay. To associate babies with gay men is offensive and made to have gay men think about being in love with men. More HATEROSEXUALS causing trouble.”
    i doubt anyone will read this, but as a long time frequenter of nicovideo (the jp site where billy herrington mashup videos are popular), i want to stress that gachimuchi/aniki/wrestling series videos are emphatically NOT anti-gay.
    they started out as laughing at both the absurdity of the videos and (primarily) mishearing the grunts and dialogue of the videos as japanese (which, if you speak any japanese, actually do sound uncannily like japanese more times than not). the mashup videos are ingenious and not meant in any way to be mocking.
    billy herrington has since gone to japan for a nicovideo related appearance, and his arrival was met with glowing, loving approval. the comments on the videos of his appearances (when not meme-related in-jokes) are always comments about how appreciative they are that he encourages their creativity, and that he’s an overall good guy. back to the subject of anti-gay, numerous people (though these things are always anonymous in japan) have written both on youtube, nicovideo, 2ch, and other places to stress that the point of the video is not “lol gay people”.
    i don’t know how convincing this is, but please do not be offended by this meme. it is meant in the best of spirits, and the humor comes from absurdity, not prejudice or spite.
    as for the baby, come on. censoring something with a picture of a baby does not sexualize babies, and of the 100s or maybe 1000s (1000s exist) of billy herrington related videos i’ve seen on niconicodouga, they never imply that the baby is sexualized in any way. the reason it comes back in later videos is that it developed a name and became an absurd character in the gachimuchi universe (hard to explain… almost anything, from a line in a commercial in the 80s to a head motion some guy makes in a shower scene can become a repeated-100s-of-times meme on nicovideo… if you don’t really get the humor, it’s difficult to explain that kind of thing).

  3. pervert fairholm | June 21, 2009 at 9:54 pm | Reply

    i need a man

  4. Nothing fixes the hate faster than glue and rubber. LOL

  5. Hey Miles, get off your politically correct, save the children high horse and don’t be such a pussy.

  6. Have you ever been to cracked.com? Instead of baby faces, they use scowling nuns. It is hilarious.

  7. This is anti-gay. To associate babies with gay men is offensive and made to have gay men think about being in love with men. More HATEROSEXUALS causing trouble.

  8. Whats with the Power Rangers in the last one? LMAO

  9. Um… you think it’s a good idea to use baby faces on pr0n0 images? Maybe you should use something else… how about foam wig heads?
    Dude, that’s a pretty good pic of someone’s child. Do we really want babies associated with nude dirty old men dressed up weird? There are so many other lines out there to cross that are far kinder, safer and more thrilling than daring to use children.

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