!! OMG, The Truth About Playgirl !!

Are you interested in hearing about Levi Johnston?! Well, guess what: I’m not! Although I surely welcome and celebrate his low-blow potshots at Sarah “Pig” Palin, I’m completely over the will-he-won’t-he coquette routine. Dear Levi, I’ll be first in line to see your D when you decide to show it, but all this talking was already old shit in August. Put up or shut up!
That said, I am violating my own Levi-ban to link to this fascinating (and only tangentially Levi-related) piece over at The Awl, in which former Playgirl editor Jessann Collins gives the real story about the death and (supposed) rebirth of the venerable “women’s” magazine. Note: there is no peen in the article, but it does include several lolish vintage Playgirl covers.
(The Truth About Levi Johnston and Playgirl)

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  1. Levi may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but damn he’s cute and kinda sweet. I don’t begrudge his handlers trying to hype up his upcoming unveiling. I AM sick, however, of Playgirl and its tired faux-hetero presentation in print and now on the web.

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