!! OMG, They’re So Annoying: GLAAD !!

With so many completely despicable/annoying gay organizations (Human Rights Campaign, Log Cabin Republicans, etc etc etc) it seems unimaginable that one could stand out as the most birdbrained and– DARE I SAY– FAGGY. And yet! GLAAD (that stands for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) manages this handily! Last we heard from these fools they had taken up the pointless and idiotic fag patrol mantle; now it seems that they’ve changed their mission to shameless corporate shillery.
Apparently worried that ABC might be criticized for homophobia re: Adam Lambert’s banishment from the airwaves, GLAAD has valiantly rushed to the television network’s defense, issuing the following statement:

“It would appear that the kiss between Adam Lambert and his keyboardist did not factor into ABC’s decision,” said Jarrett Barrios, President of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). “ABC has a history of positive gay and transgender inclusion that includes featuring kisses between gay and lesbian couples on-air.”

Well thanks for that charming corporate apologia, GLAAD! But shouldn’t you be getting back to your normal job of flaccid whining and gay speech policing!?
(via Gawker)

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12 Comments on "OMG, They’re So Annoying: GLAAD"

  1. I somewhat agree with Danny- GLAAD did not need to issue such a stupid apology, an oftentimes the HRC and other organizations do the same. But in my opinion, their existence is sooo beneficial and their contributions to the gay community, at times, have been good!

  2. This bashing post is offensive, to say the least, and I’m neither gay nor lesbian.

  3. I have to say that I’m annoyed by the statement myself, but at the same time, I’m also annoyed by your commentary on the issue, Bmad. While I don’t mind the words fag, faggot and faggy being used for comedic “accent”, being one myself, it’s entirely unfunny in this context. In fact, a lot of your posts fail at acheiving this. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I feel like I should be allowed to say this about my favourite blog.

  4. okay people, This is bullshit. Let me tell you somthing. UNLESS, you are gay or a lesbian.You do NOT know what it is like to live in this shityy, close minded society. OKAY! So for the arragent cunting bitches, like this asshole who is once againnn!.. complaing about gays and lesbian organazations, needs to go and work at mcdonalds and GET OFF THE ENTERNET! YOU BITCH!!
    Im am so tierd of this fucking site, Its unbeliveable how so much HATE! Is bloged about constaly on this public website.
    and honeslty, I love omgblog, but, I cant do it anymore. This is stupid. I can go and listen to this bullshit at school. I dont need it here.
    Fuck this, I hope your pathetic site goes down in flames.
    – Gage

  5. Lol… Best post ever by bmad. I agree completely about GLAAD, HRC, etc.

  6. Hi Danny! Thanks for the feedback! Just to point out, I’ve made 289 posts on OMG Blog since I started in september. Of those 289 posts, two have been about GLAAD. (This one and the one I link to in this post.) I would hardly call that constant attack.
    I do think it’s good to be somewhat critical of the organizations that claim to represent gays. For the record, I don’t consider myself a “voice of the community.” It only takes a cursory look through the comments to see that everyone is always disagreeing with me! (Often over issues as inconsequential as whether some naked guy is hot or not.)

  7. To Danny:
    I agree. To the effect that i don’t always see the need for the constant GLAAD bashing either.
    However, when you launch your own website, you can criticize whomever you please.
    I do, however, wish !!OMG!! had better things to do. Maybe THEY can rally to change the organization instead of just mocking it.
    Just my opinion

  8. Um…. last time I checked and I was an uncloseted, adult gay male. I don’t need GLAAD issuing “apologies” for me!
    I’ll apologize for what I feel is wrong and nobody else. ABC was wrong. I issues no apologies for it’s behavior.
    I’d be glad if GLADD would just shut up already. If they can’t get gay marriage past in all 50 states, and can issue “press releases” like this, it has too much time on it’s hands.

  9. Do we need GLAAD anymore? (Did we ever?) At this point the organization spends less time calling out/catching instances of public homophobia and more time heaping awards on rich celebrities for being nice to us homos. Um, isn’t our company prize enough? Stop shamelessly sucking corporate/celebrity cock GLAAD, please thnx!

  10. I don’t always agree with GLAAD’s rather prudish stances on things, but your constant need to attack their every move comes off ridiculous and hypocritical. Your particular stance on this issues are usually as one-sided and extreme as theirs, just on the opposite end of the spectrum, so I’m not entirely sure why you’re the authority on gay organizations. But, I suppose it’s much funnier and–more importantly–easier to write a bitchy blog about them rather than do some research to commend all they (and the HRC) have done for the gay community. I like a lot about this blog, but the ranting that takes on an alleged “voice of the community,” not so much.

  11. I couldn’t disagree with you more. If you are trying to “buy back” the word fag, it’s not going to work. African American’s didn’t buy back the N-word until AFTER the civil rights movement (and well after). Don’t add fuel to their fire, it’s not time to buy back “fag” or “faggy”.

  12. HA! I can’t agree more. They are utterly gutless…AND can we talk about Adam Lambert! Perhaps the reason he’s been banished is that he is so utterly BORING! YAWN. And all this “bi” talk is sooooo annoying. You like dick Lambert, just say it!

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