!! OMG, who is the sexier cat? Kim or Frank !!

With Halloween coming, I’m getting wistful for my 2010 “sexy cat” costume. Since Kim Kardashian decided to shamelessly copy my idea, I thought I would leave it up to you readers who is, in fact, the sexier cat.
Please leave your opinions in comments, on Facebook or wherever.

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6 Comments on "OMG, who is the sexier cat? Kim or Frank"

  1. Frank is a sexier everything…

  2. Frank is sexier. Kim is the one that rolls around in the kitty litter just to get her name on something.

  3. An *actual* cat is sexier than that thing. A cat *turd* is sexier than that thing.

  4. frank.

  5. you are sexier. now cum in my mouth!

  6. That’s a no brainer Frank…Kim’s cat looks like the kind of cat in heat that all the mangy neighborhood cats will throw a train on in the back-alley behind a gas station while E! films it holding a million dollar check, and your cat is wearing Victoria Secrets, which screams High-Class…so, you win!!!! Yey!!!

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