!! OMG, wrap it up already: Levi Johnston knocks up another girlfriend !!

Alaska’s favorite baby-daddy has once again impregnated his girlfriend, this time 20-year-old Sunny Oglesby. Levi Johnston and his current womb have been dating for a year, although Sunny is reportedly three months pregnant. So you do the baby math.
(via Gawker)

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5 Comments on "OMG, wrap it up already: Levi Johnston knocks up another girlfriend"

  1. Levy Joknston is a stud,He inpregnated Willow,the youngest sister!

  2. @Kevin – I LOVE that logic!! Now I don’t feel so bad 🙂
    I can feel free to drool all I want now.

  3. Did you see the porn movie about him, Levi’s Johnson, I think it was called? It was a hoot, and the big titted woman who played Sarah Palin stole the movie!

  4. Kevin in Cincy | April 3, 2012 at 6:50 pm | Reply

    Gotta go w/you on this one, @Meowzer… Let me elaborGAYte: Levi Johnston is like a cheap-ass bottle of grape juice that ain’t never gonna turn into a cabernet. Never. But it’ll sure get ya F*ed Up in the meantime…LOVE YA, LEVI! CALL ME!!! 😉

  5. I can’t help it…. I still think he’s freekin’ hot!! I know I should be ashamed of myself 🙂

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