!! Only the most reputable endorsements !!

are coming in for Wesley Clark. This weekend Ted Danson offered his support! After Madonna‘s backing last month, it’s becoming clear that Wes is the clear frontrunner among has-been celebrities. Rumor has it that Isaac Mizrahi will be designing a new hat and glove set for Target featuring an embroidered image of the General’s face. Get them while you can!

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9 Comments on "Only the most reputable endorsements"

  1. Now, not *all* Clark supporters are hasbeens and gay men. Some are just clearly insane. You’ve forgotten that contingent.
    (And for the record, I ::heart:: railroad apts!!!!)

  2. It’s not fair that I get so few comments and then I get tedious ones like these. I want more words of adoration and the like. Oh yeah, and CDs! Buy me CDs!

  3. are you saying that charlie rangel, michael moore and bill clinton are all wesley clark supporters because they find him sexy? c’mon…charlie rangel! i don’t love howard dean, but i am certainly not arrogant enough to make sweepingly ignorant generalizations about his supporters.

  4. I’m actually saying that Wesley Clark supporters base their political allegiance on his rakish good looks, and a good number of them are gays. I wouldn’t mind seeing him naked myself, but I don’t think that we should elect someone who is still in the (Republican) closet.

  5. are you saying that gay men form their political decisions based on the level of sexiness of the candidates? if so, you are as shallow as the kiddie pool.
    and i am, in fact, a hetero girl.
    as for madonna: music? ray of light? these albums don’t ring a bell for you? weird.

  6. Ok, first of all I know you’re not a girl, because only gays like Wesley Clark because he is sexy in a gay way (read: telegenic)
    Second, Madonna has no career. Can you remember the name of her last CD? Can you hum any of her songs that have come out since the Erotica album? Neither can I.

  7. um, what makes you think i’m gay? i am totally a straight girl. and writing a children’s book and talking with a fake accent may be completely lame, but it certainly doesn’t make madonna a has-been. honestly, she’s the most consistently in-demand pop star in the world. what planet do you live on? just because you don’t support wesley clark does not give you license to demean madonna’s career.

  8. I guess this the first of the angry comments from gays who don’t appreciate nasty talk about Madonna, but you know, I’m ready for it, just like I’ll be ready for other blog authors to call me a has-been the day I write my first crappy children’s book and start talking with a fake British accent.

  9. are you serious? madonna, a has-been? debbie gibson is a has-been. bobbie brown is a has-been. your definition of has-been is absurd. and why is it that you only named former tv bartenders as wes supporters and excluded michael moore from your list of official wes endorsers …clearly a respectable, politically informed, and intelligent person. i suggest you stop passing off your opinion as fact, mr. vocis. you may be just as bad as the ny post. and fyi…howard dean is the next dick gephardt.

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