!! Peepeeshambles !!

doherty-top (27k image)Smackalicious Pete Doherty has allegedly been caught with his pants down (so to speak), with his dick in his hand (as they say)… peeing! Allegedly.
I wonder if it was a conspiracy, like someone gave him all this Dasani to drink JUST so he would have to go to the bathroom and be caught on film by the hidden camera planted earlier by that very same sneaky someone. Is there no justice in the world? Will Babyshambles ever play again? Is this really what has hypnotized Kate Moss?
View the full uncensored photo [NSFW] after the jump! (via Dlisted [NSFW])

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4 Comments on "Peepeeshambles"

  1. fuq hes ugly as hell!

  2. Its obviously fake, he is inside a car and the lower half is in a room, how ridiculous

  3. FAKE! This is not him. Look at the forearm – there is no tattoo as in the picture before it.

  4. ew. if i was dating that i’d be doing rails of coke (while smoking a cigarette) too.

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