!! Perhaps there will be gay cunnilingus !!

this season on Survivor: Vanuatu, which premieres Sept. 16. As reported on reality blurred, there will be two lesbos on the island, Ami the young model and Scout the hardened rancher. Scout is reminiscent of the only other lesbian in Survivor history, Sonja Christopher from the 1st season, though everyone has wondered at one point or another about Sue Hawk. Scout also seems a little bit like Lill from Survivor: Pearl Islands, but it might just be the hat so don’t be alarmed just yet.
There may in fact be three gays on this season of Survivor, but one of them might just be a pretty boy. Mechanical bull operator John K. is totally gayfacey, and his video interview smacks of a well-rehearsed Tom Cruisian heterosexuality, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter as long as we see plenty of his shirtless torso, his blurred out butt, and maybe an errant pube.
Hopefully this new season of Survivor will be the most riveting yet, and it has potential as long as everyone follows Scout’s advice: “Run with the best and shuck the rest.

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2 Comments on "Perhaps there will be gay cunnilingus"

  1. John K is the gay.. he has those cat eyes. He looks like a friggin Siamese.

  2. John K. is totally gay. Or wait, maybe he’s just a Gino.

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