!! Pets for small apartments !!

leoparddog (30k image)
If your roommate is allergic to wild cats or you just don’t have the floorspace for that pet elephant you’ve always wanted, why not just paint your favorite animal on your hand?
Most of these funny pets are advertising what might be the most boring thing ever: Schroders global asset management company. If you can tell what the point of this stupid company is, please post a comment. Their website put me to sleep before I could find their “about us” section. I do like their cute ads, which were all in Italian.
Check out more whimsical hand paintings after the jump, including a full spread eagle.

Thanks again go to Gail for sending me these photos.

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4 Comments on "Pets for small apartments"

  1. Even these animals would be too big for my apartment!!

  2. its a company u invented to write some stupid fucking blog about omg. wtf? rofl.

  3. you really are assholes, and don’t come up with "this is art" shit because it isn’t, you need therapy or something. By the way I clicked on this page from another that said this was stupid, now I know why someone would ever care to put this link on his own page

  4. Fake Ass Bullshit quit being retards begging for attention

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