!! Pot ruins everything !!

This has been one of my mantras for some time, and while there are exceptional situations, I have had too many plans thwarted by the spontaneous group decision to partake that I will continue to make this general assessment. In addition, pot can kill your cute, little pets! Please read about why you should not smoke around your animals. They could die, or at the very least wind up like the poor kitties pictured below:

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7 Comments on "Pot ruins everything"

  1. I personally am in favor of animals wearing people clothes, because it is cute, but doing so under the influence can be dangerous. Be aware.

  2. I used to gel my dog’s her. She’s a German Shephard. She was such a bitch about sometimes. Get it? Haha!

  3. One of my ex-wife’s cats was addicted to the stuff. It would sit next to her and sniff whenever she lit up a spliff, which seemed strange to me since they don’t normally like smoke. Come to think of it, maybe it just needed to get high in order to put up with her.

  4. as pot smoker and cat owner, i must say i agree that smoke of any sorts should be kept away from animals- pot, crack, cigs, anything. but let’s not be too hasty to say pot ruins EVERYTHING for if you are a responsible smoker it can vastly improve things- like working in a slide library or having your period. also, there are a lot of stone cold sober people who will dress their animals all silly like because they are fucked up even without drugs.

  5. OMG you are weird 🙂
    I love the cats!

  6. OMG I’m terribly flattered, and also happy that someone else cares about the kitties like I do. Love the pics. Did you see the one where the cat is sort of dressed like a lamb? It’s wonderful.

  7. hey nice blog here! i liked that pics 😉

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