!! Racist, Classist, Anti-gay… !!

Details magazine, go away! That was the theme at lunchtime today when I went to the protest outside Fairchild Publications at 7 W 34th St. Have you seen the “Gay or Asian” article (look at it here) by Whitney McNally in this month’s Details? I’d heard about it, was sort of surprised by the idea, and then saw it the other night in line at the supermarket, the only place I would look at a crappy magazine like Details. Anyway, it made me angry and also made me wonder if Details has any editors. The last time I picked up a copy of the magazine was like five years ago, when I realized it was a more homoerotic and boring version of Maxim without naked ladies, and then promptly forgot all about it.

Now with this swelling controversy, it appears that Details is trying to force its way into the spotlight with humorless material designed to alienate an entire ethnic group, some of whom undoubtedly read the magazine. Such is the price of edginess. It’s almost too ridiculous to be offensive, but it succeeds due to the sheer nastiness of the numerous ethnic slurs crammed onto the one page allotted to the writer, who I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume is an intern. I know that I was ready to spit venom when I was working unpaid for a magazine I was sick of one month into my summer internship. Still, I don’t think I would have let the venom mix with any underlying racist tendencies that I had bubbling below the surface and then commit it all to print. That would have been a little too much, plus the editors probably would have said something.

Anyway, on another topic, how weird are Germans? Look at this loony project in Berlin: Werner Aisslinger’s Loftcubes are destined to be the NBT!

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