!! Reality TV 24 hours per day !!

Al Gore and Joel Hyatt are being a little cryptic about their new cable network, but my hopes are high. Formerly some sort of 24-hour news boringness, the channel is going to be transformed into a “non-political network for young adults.”
“This will not be a political network,” Gore said in a statement. “These stories will be in a voice that young people recognize and from a point of view they identify as their own.” (AP)
I certainly hope those voices come from the likes of Tara (Paradise Hotel), Shane (The L Word), April (ANTM), and the Five Alts (Mad, Mad House). If it must be informative, Anderson Cooper and Jon Stewart (or close lookalikes) are the only newsmen I would watch. Even though they are not what most would consider “young people,” they are very, very sexy and that is how I place my trust in a news anchor. Hopefully Al Gore realizes this, considering that his lack of sexiness is why he is venturing into cable television and not into a bid for reelection. (note: it was not always this way)
Or maybe they will just have shows like Double Dare. Now that was good Young Adult Television; that green slime was HILARIOUS!

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2 Comments on "Reality TV 24 hours per day"

  1. Actually, for your information, the network is aimed at people in their "twenties," which includes me for hopefully seven years and two and a half months more, by which point I will be at the ultra-sexy age of thirty and will not care about Al Gore’s stupid television channel. -F

  2. Frank,
    You wrote this entry as if the new network for young adults were being geared toward you. I’m afraid that as someone in the field of Y/A I must inform you that you are mistaken. Frank, marketers no longer consider you Y/A, you are now just a lonely little A.

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