!! Republican ladies love Michael Lucas !!

lucasharmon (37k image)
Who knew that proud Republican Lee Ann Womack and top cheerleader for President Bush Angie Harmon had any eye for quality?
It is common knowledge that Michael Lucas makes some of the hottest (and most expensive) smut in the business, but until now I thought it was only the men of the right wing who knew anything about gay porn. Posing with Lucas during NY Fashion Week, apparently these two ladies are quite familiar. Perhaps they’re trying to con him into giving them some freebies? Or maybe a sneak preview of the new porno movie starring Clay Aiken’s bareback sex partner John Paulus?
lucaswomack (37k image)
“Michael, I hope you daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance…”

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3 Comments on "Republican ladies love Michael Lucas"

  1. Stop tilting your frigging head down like that a take a normal picture.

  2. The scary squinty-eyed lip monster?

  3. he looks like a monster in those pictures.

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