!! Review of Wet Palms: Episode 1 !!

I remember watching Melrose Place at the tender age of fourteen, always being titillated by the far-too-few scenes with Greg Savant (the gay) or the super softcore sex scenes with Grant Show or (even better) Andrew Shue. The storylines were intriguing and ridiculous, the settings were often ominous, the acting was sometimes compelling, but I was really only waiting to see a little skin, which I did maybe once or twice per episode. I always thought, “wouldn’t it be great if they would just follow through?” During that same period, I was introduced to the world of trading porno pictures in AOL chatrooms (via my speedy 2400 baud dialup connection), and I remember one picture in particular that showed all the men of Melrose Place IN THE NUDE! Except

their heads were obviously pasted on. Still, it was something I fantasized about, these men in whose lives I became very involved actually getting naked and doing it onscreen, if not with each other then at least with the ladies on the show.
Wet Palms promised to fulfill this fantasy when I first heard about it months ago on Gay Porn Blog. I was skeptical because I’ve seen a lot of porno, and without actors who could perform at least as well as Heather Locklear, it would just be another shaved-ass yawnfest, except serialized.
As I began to watch Episode 1, I was casting a critical eye on the actors and the script. The first thing I noticed was the editing: fast transitions from a close-up shot of a martini glass to a landscape in California (or somewhere with palm trees) to the actual scene. It made me feel briefly like I was watching a primetime soap and I enjoyed that feeling. Despite a few cringeworthy lines, such as “I love the smell of vodka in the morning,” the scenes flowed in a believable manner and the actors carried it well.
The first sign that Wet Palms was something special was during the first hardcore scene, which involved Lucky, the main character, in the shower watching Tripp, the poolboy, clean the pool wearing a little orange Speedo. While I found all the photos of Lucky on the Wet Palms website to be hideously ugly, there is something hot about him onscreen. Perhaps he just isn’t photogenic, because he has this manly, meaty quality that is appealing, and the tension built nicely as he soaped himself up and the camera never quite came low enough to show the goods. The scene really became exciting when Lucky and Tripp’s eyes met and Lucky started to jerk off, watching him out the bathroom window. The editing, lots of back-and-forth between Lucky and Tripp, nice pan shots of Lucky’s muscly body, and sexy girations by Tripp at the pool, helped to make this scene one of very few solo scenes that I didn’t once feel the need to fastforward. The others that fall into that category are, of course, any starring Simon Rex, but that’s for another post.
The next hardcore scene involved Peter, the underwear model, and Todd, the social climber. Todd paid Peter to have sex with him and Peter did it even though he was going out with Tucker (dum dum dum!!). Again, the editing makes this scene exciting, with brief closeup shots (no prolonged deli meat action) and clips of climactic moments and facial expressions interspersed with the standard footage. It’s creative and it works well, but the real treat is watching two actors who seem to have actually had sex before. Peter and Todd have sex like you would imagine the actors of Melrose Place to have sex if they could, and I found it incredibly hot.
The next scene? Whoops, there wasn’t one. I’m not sure I could recommend with good conscience that you pay $12.95 for two hardcore scenes, no matter how well-executed. However, it looks like Episode 2 has at least three or maybe four scenes, and it just went online yesterday. Check it out, or wait for me to watch it first and give the thumbs up if you like. I’m getting the feeling that Wet Palms could actually compete with The OC this fall for the title of “Show I Watch Because It Stars Someone Hot.” I hope that turns out to be true.

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