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This Thursday, January 13, Wet Palms: Episode 4 will be released at long last. In case you haven’t yet seen an episode of Wet Palms, or just watched the first one and never bothered to buy the last two, I’m going to get you up to speed so you can thoroughly enjoy the next three episodes that will be coming out in the next couple months. I’m not going to give you plot synopses, because that would just take way too long considering the intricate webs of deceit, chlorine, and analingus that are now begininng to crystallize. And really, while I do find that the soap opera form adds tremendously to my enjoyment of this series, it is ultimately an adult film, and you want to know about the sex parts.
So without further ado, I’ll say that Episode 2 really starts out with a wonderful and gut-crushing bang, and even Brady’s cheesy dialogue works this time. A very tall, sexy, and hung Latin traveller, played by Paulo Cortez, gets stranded near Wet Palms when his boyfriend doesn’t pick him up at the airport. Brady, the ever-accomodating resort manager, decides to help the guy out and takes him to a vacant room where they start violently making out for about two seconds, at which point Brady says, “F*ck the foreplay; I’m on the clock!” He strips down and gets on all fours on the bed, and

his companion shoves it in. Brady keeps yelling at him and telling him, “Fuck me! Fuck my ass!” in a way that sounds more fevered and less routine than you would expect those words to be. The scene goes on with expert editing, catching the ecstatic facial expressions of the two actors, showing some interesting angles, making use of a mirror, and even showing Brady’s hard(!) dick bouncing up and down while he gets pounded. They never leave the doggy style position, but Brady is one minute burying his face in the bed and the next minute howling at the moon. We get to see every muscle of Paolo’s perfect body tensing up as he gives it to Brady relentlessly. This is the hottest scene from the first three Wet Palms episodes without a doubt. Both of these guys are really enjoying themselves and Paolo Cortez is too foxy for words. When they finish, Paolo’s boyfriend calls him and says he was stuck in traffic. Whoops!
The second of three hardcore scenes in this film takes place in the bathroom at the offices of Jett Setter magazine. Tucker, who works as the assistant to the editor, Simon Jett, is washing his hands in the bathroom when he sees someone jerking off their enormous penis in the stall nearby. Overcome with desire by the humongous penis (that happens to belong to Chad Donovan, though we never see his face completely), he goes over and kneels before it to worship. He doesn’t touch it, but rather kneels in front of it until it spews jizz all over his shirt. Not exactly my idea of a good time, but hey, I guess he wasn’t cheating, and maybe that was the point (maybe?).
Later on, Lucky, the drifter who oddly resembles Ryan from The OC, has an encounter in the jacuzzi room with Chase Walker, the founder and CEO of Bubble Underwear, the company for which Peter Dune (Tucker’s boyfriend) models. Chase takes a liking to Lucky and invites him up to his hotel room where he proceeds to make him take off his clothes and lie naked on his bed. Lucky rebuffs him, so Chase, who is an older, muscular guy, calls up the random blonde foreigner who has no name, played by Ashton Sorenson. Ashton seems willing to have sex with Chase, though neither of them seem very excited about it. Ashton fucks Chase in a very lackluster scene that made me wish they had combined the last two hardcore scenes into one decent one. Ashton is sort of fat, not that cute, and his dick never gets completely hard. Combined with Chase’s not-that-cute-and-kind-of-fatness, I ended up fast-forwarding the scene, looking forward to more plot developments. In case you miss my point, this is NOT a good thing.
Episode 3 begins without any sex for a good ten minutes. A strange, francophone drag queen that looks like an upper-east-side patron of the arts arrives at Wet Palms and rents a room by the pool. Goodness knows where that will lead. Finally we are treated to seeing Tripp, the poolboy, indulge himself on the bed of a former guest where he found a box of dildos. He smiles from ear to ear while he works the buttplug inside of him and jerks off. This is the second solo scene of Wet Palms, and again, I was so impressed. The closeups of the buttplug and him jerking off were shot in a way that they were sexy and not venturing into “too much information” territory, and the sheer pleasure that Tripp was taking held my interest in a way that very few solo scenes can. Unfortunately, boring fatty Ashton Sorenson had to barge in and interrupt him after less than a minute of this hot scene. Ashton wrapped his big lips around Tripp’s dick and tried to suck in his saggy cheeks as he set in on what seemed like the world’s longest blowjob. After having Ashton come all over his face, Tripp gets called away before we can see him come, which is another disappointment. All in all this scene would have been better if Tripp had been able to finish what he started by himself. Ashton gets an F.
There are more plot developments, involving photos of Peter fucking Todd (the hot scene from Episode 1), Simon Jett using the photos for blackmail, etc. At this point we are very comfortable with the fact that Simon Jett is the worst, meanest, baddest boss ever. He’s so bad he must be wearing a leather harness under his expensive button-down. No, that would just be silly…
After a long day at work, Simon calls Tucker into the backroom, which is connected to his private office. Simon makes Tucker take off everything but his white briefs, lie down on the bench press that happens to be in the room, and lift the massive weight a few times. While Tucker is struggling and sweating, Simon proceeds to strip down to the black leather bondage harness that he had been wearing all day under his work outfit (whoa, he really was wearing one!) and stuffs his raging hardon into Tucker’s mouth. Wait, scratch the raising hardon part. I think maybe his leather panties were on a little too tight, or maybe Simon was feeling guilt about making Tucker cheat on his boyfriend, because after flailing his limp noodle around Tucker’s face, he then patted it against Tucker’s asshole where it bounced around ineffectually like a lubelogged gummy worm until he shoved it in where we could thankfully forget how floppy and unsexy it looks.
From this point forward, we can concentrate on how much Tucker really seems to be enjoying having a limp dick inside of him and finally get into the scene ourselves. Tucker makes some very sexy animal noises, his voice cracking in a way that is so unbecoming that it’s hot. The only unfortunate aspect of Tucker’s performance is the frat boy voice he assumes while having sex. It’s so different than his faggy speaking voice that it’s almost distracting to listen to. Perhaps Brad Benton is used to performing in movies where the only dialogue he speaks is naked and on his back. The director could perhaps have given him a little guidance so he could adjust to the challenges of genre that Wet Palms presents. However, once Simon’s limp wiener is out of the picture, and he becomes the authoritative yet skinny leather daddy with a beard short enough for someone like me to still find him sexy, the scene has a raw, unrehearsed energy that works well all the way through, the high point being when Tucker comes all over himself while Simon is practically shoving him off the benchpress with the force of his thrusts. Even afterwards, the actors seem genuinely worn out and maybe even content to lie for a second, covered in come, and catch their breath.
These two episodes of Wet Palms have all the positive qualities of Episode 1 (the editing, the clever plot twists, etc.), but I was slightly disappointed by the erection problems and the use of a couple not very cute actors. Episode 4 looks promising with Cameron Fox guest starring in a scene with Chase Walker. Episode 5 has a flip-flop scene between boyfriends Peter and Tucker, which looks hot from the photos on the website. I’m also looking forward to Rod Barry’s first scene, which is coming in February in Episode 6. In case you forgot, he plays Tucker’s “straight” coworker at Jett Setter magazine.
But really, aren’t we all excited to see what happens in the plot? As Simon and Tucker sit engaging in post-coital banter, Tucker’s boyfriend, Peter, stumbles drunkenly into the room! OMG, who knows what could happen now! Watch Episode 4, coming out in three short days on Thursday, January 13, to find it all out. There will be more reviews to come, and in case you missed it, read my review of Episode 1.

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