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Last month was the launch of riffRAG, the long-coming “queer feminist magazine commited to fighting white supremacy, promoting accessibility to art, and building alliances across boundaries.” That’s quite a mouthful, and I was skeptical about how many quality contributors they could find to adequately address that entire manifesto. I was pleasantly surprised.
Additionally, in that mission statement is an underlying message of inclusiveness, which is sometimes missing, maybe to the detriment of certain feminist art projects. Rather than addressing the same tired group of “forward-thinking,” “sexually-progressive” scenesters with woman/trans-positive battle rhetoric, riffRAG takes a subtler approach, and seeks to promote understanding by drawing on a larger contributor base without compromising editorial integrity.
Some highlights:
Plastic Bag Kaleidoscope by Sally Willowbee: An interview with an elderly woman who makes carpets out of colorful plastic bags.
The Fragile Circus by Myron Campbell: Even though precious Canadian craft art is becoming a bit commonplace, and this project sort of reminds me of a Bright Eyes video, I still like it because it is interactive, uses Flash, and (I think) references Myst.
November 5, 1979 by Em Sixteen: A needlepoint recreation of a letter written to the artist by her late father when she was an infant, and the only letter she owns from him.
If You Want It by Giles O’Dell: A music video that turns a boring place (Olympia, WA) into a fantasy world that is fun and creepy, and a little sexy (if you finds insects sexy).
ALSO: There are limited print editions available for $12 on the website.

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