!! Salon has a new look !!

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Regular readers might have noticed that the “War Room” and “Daou Report” sections received makeovers a couple months ago, but with its 10th birthday coming up next month, Salon has officially announced and unveiled its new design. They’ve broken out of the 800-pixels-wide design that they’ve had since the 90s to give us better-organized content and more room to read the articles. Though there are still some sections that have yet to be updated and others that seem a little sparse, I think it is a big improvement, and I’m even feeling a bit inspired to redesign !! omg blog !! for a 1024 x 768 px resolution.
One great thing about the redesign is that Cary Tennis’ excellent advice column now appears at the top of the page with the day’s most recent articles! I enjoy that and the other cultural writing, especially Heather Havrilesky’s TV column, and eventually I also get my news on Salon, but only after I read The NewStandard, which I encourage all of you to check out if you haven’t already.

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