!! September is the month of !!

real activism this year. Writing your Senators and Congresspeople is a good thing to do, but the word needs to be spread that Congress will be considering the anti-gay Consititutional Amendment at the beginning of September, and they need to know who is unhappy about it. A letter is personal and intimate, a phone call easier, but it seems that gays have an aversion to more strenuous forms of protest. Well the

time is coming when we need to make ourselves seen and heard on the streets at a time other than Pride, when everyone is wearing cellophane or a bikini. I hope there wil be madness and mayhem of the best sort, and people will not only be protesting the possibility of a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage, but protesting the fact that we even have to protest. While I would be appalled if such an Amendment were actually passed, it makes me much sadder that we are not beyond the point where a Congressperson wouldn’t be chased out of the chambers for suggesting it. So I’m saying to you who is reading this, I’m going to do something in September and I hope you will too. Gays are perceived as this invisible elite type of “interest group” and that is really damaging. Let’s not be too lazy or afraid to make our voices heard in a meaningful way.

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