!! Seth Cohen’s virginity !!

will be GONE next week on The OC! And he loses it to SUMMER! There was actually a really nice setup this week, where Seth has this super tender moment with Summer at the locker after sabotaging her new budding romance with funny boy Danny. His relationship with Anna managed to stagnate after only three episodes, thank god, because Anna is especially sucky. We can only hope that maybe she will be so traumatized by Oliver’s suicide next week that she moves back to Pittsburgh. It would be hitting two badly wrought birds with one very expensive bullet.
I don’t want next week’s excitement to belittle this week’s episode, which was quite thrilling.

Oliver transfers to Harbor to be near Marissa, and Ryan is understandably suspicious. So he sneaks into the school to peek at Oliver’s file in the Dean’s office and gets caught by security! After a meeting with the Dean discussing his possible expulsion, he sees Oliver handing Marissa letter that she puts in her locker. Of course he steals it and reads it and it’s a love letter! He goes to everyone seeking help, but they just think’s that he is the crazy one. So after Marissa confronts him about the whole file snooping incident, he asks her about the letter and she dumps him. Finally things are starting to get interesting, especially at the end when Oliver gloats to Ryan about nabbing Marissa and earning himself a bloodied face! AA! Too much excitement, and then we see that next week Seth has sex AND Oliver does something involving a gun!
Okay, so that was a sort of long summary, but that wasn’t even everything. Boring parent stuff: Sandy and Jimmy buy a restaurant together and Julie will now be working closely with Kirsten as her interior decorator. I guess that’s fine as long as none of them talk dirty to each other, which is the hallmark of a good episode.
Last week I expressed some major concern that maybe The OC was becoming a bad show. Thankfully I was proven wrong this week, and next week will be great because we see Seth in a sexual situation and possibly a little naked. Really next week’s episode looks like a season finale, what with the firearms, the illicit virginal sex, the end of the menacing psychopath, and the timpani music in the week before preview. Fortunately for us, that isn’t the case because Josh Schwartz, the writer, is forging new ground for primetime television with this series. Ryan and Marissa had their first kiss in the second episode of the new season with very little buildup. They were going out an episode later and had sex soon after. I heard Schwartz talking in an interview about how he doesn’t want the whole show being about buildup, so he gets the “milestones” out of the way quickly. I think it’s generally a good idea, except when things like Oliver pop up as a result. When things like Seth Cohen’s penis pop up in anticipation of his first sexual encounter, then the strategy is genius.
BONUS: Borrowed from Lady Colossal, but too fantastic to be missed. It’s Peter Pan, up and coming Internet celebrity! His outfits are out of this world, but don’t miss the Christian philosophy section either.

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  1. What kind of person are you? Good lord.

  2. I hate Summer and i love anna why the hell does seth lose his virginity to a stupid retard like Summer oooo i hate her!!!!!!

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